Sakamoto Math Method

Besides the Accelerated Learning Approach for Kindergarten Math and Primary Math, we also offer an exclusive Primary Math enrichment programme, the Sakamoto Math Method.

What is the Sakamoto Math Method?
Originating from Japan, the Sakamoto Math Method is a visual approach to problem solving. It is a powerful and innovative method for solving word problems. It provides students with a simple yet systematic and structured technique to analyze questions in a logical way. As the emphasis is on understanding of concepts and applications, and not on rote learning, it cultivates logical and creative thinking, thus improving the students’ skills in problem solving.

The Sakamoto Math Method was developed by Dr. Hideo Sakamoto to nurture the students’ understanding and creativity when grappling with abstract mathematical problems. He has taught Mathematics to students in his tuition centre, Sakamoto Seminar, for a quarter of a century using the Sakamoto Method he invented in Japan.

Basically, the Sakamoto Math Method consists of 3 simple basic steps. The first step is analyzing the problem, determining the essential facts from the question, and grasping the relationship of the data to each other. Here, the students organize and co-relate the information systematically in a tabular form. The second step is translating the information gathered in the first step into a linear diagram. The linear diagram will help the students determine and understand the logic behind the calculations that they must do in the next step. In the last step, students write the equations and do the calculations to arrive at the final answer.

Using the Sakamoto Math Method, students are trained to grasp the essence of the question and reduce it to a simple diagram formula.

The Sakamoto Math Programme, which is MOE approved, will certainly help primary school students improve and excel in their Mathematics. Our qualified and committed teachers are specially trained in teaching the Sakamoto Method.

Our worksheets are specially developed with emphasis on problem solving, and understanding and application of concepts. They have also been prepared in line with the Singapore Primary Math syllabus.

The Sakamoto 3-Step Method